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Bullion vans entering Tinubu's home on Friday

Tinubu’s bullishness about bullion vans demonstrates the buffoonery of Buhari’s anti-corruption

24 February 2019

Pictures surfaced on social media of two bullion vans allegedly entering the home of Bola Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos State and self-styled “national leader” of the All Progressives Congress (APC), the day before yesterday’s presidential and national assembly (s)elections.

Tinubu is seen as the “godfather” of Lagos State, who picks and chooses who runs the state and its elected representatives. It was widely speculated that the vans were ferrying money into his Bourdillon Road residence in upmarket Ikoyi, Lagos for the purposes of swaying the (s)elections through vote-buying, sponsoring of thugs and other electoral malpractices.

With this speculation rife, it would have been reasonable for Tinubu to that deny the vans ever entered his home. Instead, his response yesterday on national television was one of defiance. He said it was nobody’s business what he did with his money.

Well, it is questionable whether the money is actually Tinubu’s. He claimed he had never undertaken any contract from the government of President Muhammadu Buhari. But the allegations against Tinubu are about his looting of Lagos State, starting from his eight years as governor from 1999 and continuing through the successors that he used to rule the state by proxy.

By not denying the presence of the vans, Tinubu was showing how brazen he has become about his questionable wealth. This follows on from his recent claim that he is richer than Osun State. Tinubu is acting like an “untouchable” as he knows that Buhari needs him to secure reelection. The president’s continued association with Tinubu and the failure to investigate the former Lagos State governor’s stupendous wealth continue to make a mockery of the president’s claims to be against corruption.

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