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Rivers of Blood Governor Wicked Wike in video nasty

A video has emerged online of Rivers State governor Nyesom Wike brandishing a machete and threatening to “use it and cut all of them” – in reference to his opponents in the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Watch the show of shame:

With someone in high office demonstrating such a penchant for brazen thuggery, it is not surprising that (s)elections in Rivers State usually turn into a bloodbath.  Wike seems to be leading from the front with his inflammatory speech and call to violence.

Wike seems to have a thing for brandishing machetes

He called the machete “an instrument to go to war”. Incidentally, Human Rights Watch published a report in 2008: Politics as war: The Human Rights Impact and Causes of Post-Election Violence in Rivers State, Nigeria. The report stated: “Since the end of military rule in 1999, democracy in Nigeria has been illusory, with elections stolen openly and voters systematically intimidated into acquiescence. Hundreds of Nigerians died in the course of sham elections in 2003 and 2007. The governments that seized power through those fraudulent exercises have shown little sense of accountability to their constituents. The conduct of Rivers State’s politicians has sunk even lower than these dismal norms. The violence described in this report was the inevitable result of actions by Rivers’ public officials”.

You only need to watch Wike in that video to witness how low governance in Rivers State has sunk with a governor so shameless in his gangsterism.


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