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Pot Osho calling Kettle Okonjo black

Edo State governor Adams Oshiomhole has had running battles with Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the former finance minister, about her management of the economy.

In a recent interview while visiting the US with President Muhammadu Buhari, Oshiomhole claimed a lot of stealing was happening under the watch of former president Goodluck Jonathan and that the former finance minister has left a huge debt burden to the new administration.

But the interviewer failed to ask Oshiomhole about the debt burden in his state. He inherited a debt burden of 4.7bn naira ($23.5m) in 2008. Now under his watch, the state owes 250bn naira ($1.25bn) in domestic debt and $123m in foreign debt.

Buhari, at Oshiomhole’s request, asked the National Assembly this week to approve a further $75m loan from the World Bank for Edo State.

Despite the burden that Oshiomhole is leaving for the people in his state, there is precious little to show for how the debt has been spent, if we discount his recent lavish wedding and allegations that he bought a private jet for his new father-in-law.

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