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Obi: More noise than substance

Peter Obi never practiced what he is now preaching

30 August 2018

Former governor of Anambra State Peter Obi was up to his old tricks of pretending to be an expert in governance during an Arise TV interview two days ago.

He said the Nigerian economy was on life support.  Poverty was on the increase.  People were leaving education with no work in their productive years.

Watch the interview below:

Obi said his state is Number One in Nigeria in secondary education.  These pictures taken last week of Girls Secondary School in Oba, Anambra State do not support his claims.  Over 90% of state schools are reportedly in these conditions.

He never mentioned that secondary school performance in the state has more to do with the proliferation of private fee-paying schools.

He kept going on about countries like China, South Korea, Thailand and so on who have made progress.  But his eight-year rule did little to turn his state into a mini-China – judging from the state of the school above.

Obi’s vacuousness on television is nothing new as we showed here:

Peter Obi demonstrating ignorance in high places

He keeps going in front of the cameras and keeps repeating the same crammed statistics devoid of context.  And it keeps impressing the ignorant.


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