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The choice is entirely yours: Obasanjo with Jonathan and Yar'Adua

Obasanjo – another word for embarrassment

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo was on a local TV station last night trying to defend himself against accusations that his choice of successor was poor.

Obasanjo was replaced by Umaru Yar’Adua, who died in office and was then succeeded by his vice president Goodluck Jonathan.

Obasanjo’s response was shocking, to say the least.

Watch it here:

He said: “Even if you take your son as your successor, you are not sure of what he will do when he gets there. Don’t ever kid yourself.

“What do I know about any successor? What he presents. When he gets there he presents it differently.

“We did our best, but if you say our best is not good enough, I will say, when it comes to your turn, do better.

“With all the people that are available, for successor, what we came up with was about the best that, at that time we could think of.

“Is it the one that we know are corrupt that we will now go and take? No!

“If I give the job to the corrupt, will I be able to defend myself before God and man?”

At no point was the will of the people mentioned by a man who claimed to be the president of a democratic nation.

He was talking about “giving the job” to someone, like Nigerians should not have a say in the matter (and they clearly didn’t).

This man removed the people from the equation and arrogantly gave himself the right to decide who should succeed him, and deployed the machinery of state to ensure his will was done.

The man who claimed he couldn’t “give the job” to the corrupt, was corrupt to the core, and was speaking from his “Hilltop Mansion” in Abeokuta that was built with funds looted from the public purse.

Obasanjo is completely devoid of shame, even though the mere sight of him makes me cringe with embarrassment. It is because of Nigeria’s lawlessness, lack of accountability and undemocratic credentials that this man has literally gotten away with murder and continues to taunt Nigerians.

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