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Nigeria’s deadly crackdown on Shias is on a “contract” with Saudi Arabia – IMN spokesman

2 November 2018

Ibrahim Musa, a spokesman for the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) said on Iran’s Press TV yesterday that Mohammed Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, gave Nigeria a “contract” to deal with the Shia-dominated movement.

Saudi Arabia and its ruling family belong to the Sunni Islamic sect.  Musa was speaking as a guest on the Iranian state-owned Press TV and added that the other reason the government of President Muhammadu Buhari was attacking Shias was due to a personal grouse between the president and the founder of IMN, Ibraheem Zakzaky. Buhari locked up Zakzaky when he first came to power as a military dictator in 1984 and the Shia leader wasn’t released until Buhari was overthrown.

Zakzaky is currently being detained, despite several court orders, following a Nigerian army raid of his home in Zaria, Kaduna State in December 2015.  An official Kaduna State government inquiry into that attack concluded that the army killed over 300 followers of Zakzaky and buried them in shallow graves.  The IMN claimed that thousands of their members were killed.

The military also attacked IMN members on a Shia procession known as Arba’een in Abuja on Monday 29 October, with the group claiming that over 40 people were killed.

Another guest on the Press TV programme, The Debate, journalist and commentator Syed Mohsin Abbas, responding to a question why such deadly attacks to occur in democratic regime, said that Nigeria is a ‘kleptocracy, controlled in the background by people with power”.  He also echoed the views of Shia spokesman Musa that the Saudis were behind the killings in Nigeria.

Watch the programme below:

Abbas argued that the Saudis with their extremist Wahhabist and Salafist Islamic doctrines and sponsorship of Daesh (ISIS) were in opposition to the “original Islam” that was about human rights, justice and the rights of the oppressed as preached by the IMN.  However, the Saudis were just “proxies” of the United States and didn’t take any action without US “say so”.

The US had what Abbas called “double intention” in Nigeria.  It wanted to keep their hands on Nigeria’s vast resources and suppress the fight for human rights.  The US was just “using” Buhari, who was a “pseudo democratic dictator”.

Musa said there was an attempt to try to get Nigerians to understand the reality of Saudi interference in Nigerian domestic affairs.  Buhari was simply “acting on a script made from outside Nigeria”.  Abbas felt that the rule of law was “non-existent and corrupt and suits the agenda of a pseudo fascist” like Buhari, who “was there to keep Nigeria safe for imperialist powers”.

Abbas added that organisations such as the United Nations have done “next to nothing” in terms Buhari being “brought to bear” for killing so many Nigerian civilians.  The situation was being “enhanced” by Donald Trump, with Buhari just a “minnow of imperialist forces” and “getting away with cold blooded murder in broad daylight”.

Continuing, the London-based commentator said that Boko Haram, who belong to the Sunni sect like Saudi Arabia, are an “offshoot of the hegemonic powers and financed by imperialists”.  Buhari has proven incapable of dealing with Boko Haram, but has been deadly with innocent civilians.  Abbas added that the US “profits from the rape of Nigeria using Buhari”.  As a result, no one should expect any meaningful action from the US in preventing the killing of civilians.   The Europeans, “if they had any morals, would impose economic sanctions on Buhari”.

Musa ended with a plea that “victims of oppression by oppressive” rulers such as Buhari need the rest of the world to understand their plight.  He also called for the release of Zakzaky and his wife in line with court orders.



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