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Nigeria: the rich “repats” who’ve returned

“Time was, they went abroad to seek jobs and fortune. Now thousands of Africans are returning home, disillusioned by the lack of opportunities in western countries ground down by austerity.”

This video from Channel 4 News in the UK only looks at returnees to Lagos, but despite the hype from the pampered minority promoting the country, the grinding poverty, lickspittle subservience of the poor, and the poor governance in the country still seeeds through.

Watch it here:

The former soap star’s shallowness and insensitivity towards the child beggar and her intellectual bankruptcy in asking why the child is not selling vouchers, (unaware that child labour is child abuse) – would have put Marie Antoinette to shame.

There was no mention of the thousands of Nigerians risking life and limb to flee the country in order to better their lives, or how returnees coped in other parts of the country or,indeed, the less posh areas of Lagos.

This was a feel-good video that had the opposite effect.

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