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Just live with it

You have to live with fuel scarcity, Femi Adesina tells Nigerians

Femi Adesina, the spin doctor for President Muhammadu Buhari was on a TV programme on Sunday and questioned about the long queues at petrol stations across the country.

After joking about the issue and making flippant remarks about getting petrol in the end if you queue for hours, he said Nigerians would have to “live with it”. He also said that things were like this before this administration.

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Adesina blamed 16 years of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rule and decades of military rule for petrol shortages. He also blamed pipeline vandalism for electricity shortages and said it was a problem for the communities that the vandals came from.

Fuel for thought: Adesina on telly
Fuel for thought: Adesina on telly

He fumbled and bumbled when asked about the economic direction of the government by first answering the wrong question – that there was an economic team in place. He then claimed that he wasn’t an economist.

When questioned whether last week’s economic retreat by the National Executive Council was an expensive “jamboree”, allegedly costing 250m naira ($1.25m), Adesina denied the figure, but declined to provide any information on how much was spent.

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