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An angry Lai Mohammed being interrogated by Igbinedion

Lai’s lies catching up with him on The Osasu Show

Nigeria’s Propaganda Minister Comical Lai Mohammed was on The Osasu Show being interrogated by Osasu Igbinedion and it was refreshing to see a Nigerian journalist live up to their role of holding the government to account.

It was a car crash for Mohammed, after Igbinedion, in her two year assessment of the President Muhammadu Buhari regime, started on the wrong foot by claiming that there were improvements in security in Nigeria.  She ostensibly meant the alleged rout of Boko Haram.  But violence from Fulani herdsmen has surely worsened in the past two years.

Mohammed was on the defensive throughout, couldn’t even get the interviewer’s name right – had to be corrected when he called her “Osaze” and kept shaking his legs in an aggressive manner.  On more than one occasion, he was wagging his finger at her saying “for God’s sake”.

Watch the interview:

Mohammed was all over the place, saying at one point in response to the humanitarian disaster in the northeast, that it was in the region and was on a “global scale”.  It was not quite clear how something happening in a region could be “global”.  But he was trying to explain away the government’s failure to cope with the humanitarian crisis.

He went on to claim he would lay his reputation on the line on the regime’s transparency.  Viewers may wonder exactly what “reputation” the minister was talking about.  He then started floundering when he suggested it was OK to lock up journalists for “exhibiting hatred against the army”.

Mohammed finally dug his own grave when he claimed Buhari, who has been holed up in London for a month with a mystery illness, was fit to continue in office.  However, he didn’t know what was wrong with the president and last spoke to him when the president left the country.




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