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Cattle at the federal secretariat in Abuja

Govt official in Abuja scared of Fulani herdsmen

Abuja residents have been groaning in recent times about the increase in cattle grazing and being herded in public places and the streets of the nation’s capital.

Apart from the public safety risks posed by the cattle, it is also a cause for embarrassment that a purpose-built national capital could be experiencing this ancient grazing practice in this day and age.

Muhammad Musa Bello, the Minister for the Federal Capital Territory, reportedly banned “free grazing” and set up a task force to rid the city of cattle roaming in public places. When the man in charge of the task force spoke to Lagos-based Channels TV this evening, he had to turn his back to the camera for fear of being recognised. The reporter explained that the task force leader didn’t want “his identity to be revealed”.

Watch the clip here:

The man didn’t seem to be confident about his task, saying “for now, we are just trying to see how we can get these cattles and other animals out of the city centre”.

Viewers would have to reach their own judgments on why he was afraid to show his face and whether he had any intentions of doing his job properly. It seems very unlikely that much would be done to enforce the minister’s ban.

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