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Goodluck running out of excuses

President Goodluck Jonathan spoke to the BBC this morning.

He repeated the claim that little was done to counter the Boko Haram insurgency because they were “underrated”.    This is a very stupid thing to say.  How can you continue to underrate people as their atrocities continued to escalate over five years  from bombing a UN building to seizing over 200 schoolgirls at Chibok to taking over large areas of Nigerian territory?

Watch the interview here:

Who is advising Goodluck that this excuse flies with intelligent people?

Did he fail to even address in public the issue of the kidnapped schoolgirls for two weeks because he “underrated” Boko Haram?  Or was it because he just didn’t care about ordinary Nigerians?

Are we “underrating” Goodluck’s stupidity or is he “underrating” our intelligence?



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