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Mr President, were you awake on Good Morning Nigeria?

Good morning Nigeria, but good night from Buhari’s brain

President Muhammadu Buhari was on “Good Morning Nigeria” on NTA TV this morning.

As usual, addressing the questions he was asked was a struggle.

The first question was what Nigeria gained from his US trip. He went on a ramble about what was discussed. Mr President, are you saying Nigeria just gained discussions?

Watch here:

Even the co-interviewer touched on the president’s failure to answer the question with his follow-up – “we have heard on where you engaged with the US”.

They went on to ask him about whether the US was willing to help Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram with the sale of military equipment. The president started with saying the US were willing to help and then went into how they helped ensure the previous administration did not undermine the (s)election and accepted the result. He said Nigeria was “grateful” how the US “maintained pressure” on the previous administration. Nothing on whether the US was selling Nigeria any equipment or not.

On why he claimed ministers are not going to be appointed until September, Buhari said “we have to look for” technocrats and politicians “who are not compromised”. He said you can’t “supervise” all ministries and need “people you trust”. This is all well and good. But this man has run for president four times over a period of 12 years. Is he trying to say in all that time he couldn’t find a handful of people he could trust?

So is he saying he has been associating with untrustworthy people all this time, people not fit for public office? Are these the same people in his party that joined in his chorus of “anti corruption” and “change” during the (s)election?

Enquiring minds would like to know.

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