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Innoson SUVs

French TV channel Canal+ visits Innoson Motors in Nnewi

Canal+ paid a visit to Innoson Motors, who pride themselves as the “first made in Africa automobile brand manufactured in Nigera”.

In summary the programme revealed: Innoson has six models and the marketing director says that Innoson are better than imported cars on rugged Nigerian roads. The cars are especially suited for African roads. They produced 4000 cars per year and their turnover was 15 billion Naira ($75.3m) in 2014. Only the engine and the chassis are imported from Japan. They buy iron on the local market. They also produce the plastic used.

The documentary is in French. Watch it here:

Innocent Chukwuma, Chairman of Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing, started out by selling Chinese motorcycles and he has succeeded in making motorcycles locally and now Nigerians no longer buy second hand motorcycles. He said their ambition is the African market, not just the Nigerian market. The Nigerian government has added 25% tax on imported cars to help Innoson.

The company’s commercial director said that their pick-up trucks are as good as any ones. He claimed that Innoson vehicles are rugged and are as good as any imported vehicles. Innoson vehicles are 10 to 20 percent cheaper than imported vehicles.

In the factory 1700 employees work everyday in shifts and produce 4000 vehicles per year. Chukwuma said that the key to success is to make vehicles with local materials instead of imported ones. He explained that this is why his vehicles are cheaper than imports.

French translation courtesy of Camex.

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