The trading of punches was caught on camera and the new Speaker Kabir Adjoto wasn’t even embarrassed by his part in the punch-up.

Watch the rowdy and brawling session:

The new Speaker said of his predecessor: “The impeached Speaker converted the House to a pri­vate estate. We are supposed to be 24 members in the House but he now co-opted his wife as the 25th member who was now privilege to know all the operations even before the members.”

Roforofo fighter Kabir Adjoto sitting uncomfortably on the hot seat after punching his way to the throne

He also alleged that the former Speaker “awarded contracts to himself without recourse to the House Standing Rules and due process.”  This is probably code for: “We didn’t get our cut”.

This would be the third time in four years that Edo lawbreakers have decided to settle their differences with their fists.