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Dino Melaye - specialist in windbaggery

Democrazy in action in the Nigerian Senate

Whenever you think Nigerian senators can’t sink any lower, they go ahead and show how wrong you are. Senators have kicked off an idiotic spat with the head of the Nigerian Customs Service Hameed Ali over appearing before them in Customs uniform.

Ali, a retired colonel in the Nigerian army, first appeared before the Senate a while ago in civilian clothes to the displeasure of some Senators. He has been invited to appear again on 15 March and the legislooters led by windbag Dino Melaye insist Ali must be in uniform.

Hameed Ali: Hell, no, I will not go in uniform

The silliness of it all has been captured in this video:

Ali, quite rightly said he was appointed to do a job and not to wear a uniform. He has agreed to appear before the Senate and said no to wearing a uniform. It is quite ridiculous insisting he should dress up as a Customs official when he never served as a rank and file officer in the Nigerian Customs Service. There is no law or requirement that the head of the agency must have been a Customs official and no requirement that he must work in uniform.

The fact that Nigerian senators are spending so much time and hot air on such an utter irrelevance is further evidence that the Senate is a very costly waste of space.

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