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Buhahari, do you even know the way to Daura?

Daura, we have a problem!

My dear people of Daura,

Your most famous son Muhammadu Buhari, who seems to have convinced himself that he is fit to be president of Nigeria, is turning into an international embarrassment.

Your town elders should watch his Al Jazeera interview.

After watching this interview, I summon on the elders of Daura to recall their most famous son.  He should spend the rest of his years tending to the cows in his ranch.

What Buhahari said in this interview may make sense to his cows, but not to any sensible Nigerian voter.

How can he claim to be able to deal with Boko Haram without a strategy, without a plan, without any idea of what is required?

You call yourself a “general”, Buhahari, why can’t you explain what Nigeria is doing wrong militarily?

All you could offer was a need to “understand” how our military has deteriorated.  You should know the answer before you decided to run for president.  You have run for president four times and you still need to understand how the military has deteriorated!

One good reason for the present state of our military is the destruction of professionalism through coups and counter coups, with the associated purges that saw us lose many professionals, with incompentent officers promoted beyond their intelligence and capability – just like you, Buhahari!

You claimed your plan to combat Boko Haram involved meeting with our neighbours.  But that is what this government is already doing.  What are you going to do differently?  You couldn’t explain this because you only want power and do not have the foggiest notion what you are going to do with it.

Your answers on corruption were just as incoherent.

You struggled to stay focused and address the questions put to you.

You are not fit for high office and it is only hubris that is fuelling your misguided belief that you should be president of Nigeria.

I call on the good people of Daura to do Nigeria a favour and ask you to tactically withdraw back to your farm.

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