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Comic Uche Ogbuagu shows comic Rochas Okorocha the red card

Comedian against comedian: Rochas Okorocha v Uche Ogbuagu

Rochas Okorocha, who has just been returned as governor of Imo State, has sued comedian Uche Ogbuagu aka Bad Condition for 10bn Naira (approximately $50.2m) because of an album released during the campaign by Ogbuagu.

The comedy album titled “Ka opuo” (roughly translated as “he should get out”) featured Ogbuagu, who in typical fashionn, narrates humourously a litany of excesses characterising Okorocha’s misrule and corruption in the last four years, including family members and the family dogs in government positions!

Listen to the album:

In Igbo

In English

This contest between comedian Okorocha and comedian Ogbuagu should reveal a lot about the joke that is governance in Imo State and will be hilarious as well!

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