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Aribisala on Sunrise Daily

Buhari govt the worst in Nigerian history – Femi Aribisala

Author Femi Aribisala has described the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari as the worst ever in the history of Nigeria.

Aribisala was speaking as a guest on Lagos-based Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily.

Watch the programme below:

He claimed that “the problem of Nigeria is the president” and this was because Buhari was “not sufficiently sensitive to the plurality of Nigeria”. Aribisala agreed that Nigeria had problems before, but they had worsened under Buhari. Crises have flared up with the Niger Delta Avengers, the Biafran separatists and Shia Muslims due to Buhari’s “provoking tendencies”.

The syndicated columnist said that Nigerians were warned about Buhari by the current governor of Kaduna State Nasir el-Rufai and ex dictator Ibrahim Babangida, who used Buhari’s alleged insensitivity towards Nigeria’s diversity as one of the reasons for overthrowing the then military Head of State Buhari in 1985.

Aribisala claimed that Buhari was incapable of changing in his 70s. He also told viewers that he didn’t buy into claims that the president was a “man of integrity” because Buhari was corrupt and had claimed that the despot Sani Abacha “did not steal”.

Aribisala also alleged that 25bn naira ($88.5m) went missing under Buhari’s watch as Chairman of the Petroleum Task Force (PTF) – Buhari was appointed to that position by Abacha in the 1990s. Aribisala was dismissive of Buhari’s current fight against corruption, calling it a “fight against the opposition”. He said: “PDP thieves are now in APC. Once they join APC, they are no longer thieves.”

Buhari, according to Aribisala, “had asked to be president four times and when he got there, had no programme.”

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