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Fayose: fire for fire

Ayo Fayose spitting fire on AIT

Ekiti State governor Ayo Fayose was a guest on AIT’s Kaakaki political programme yesterday and it was a rambling performance that took in comedy, singing, economics and political point-scoring.

It was pure political theatre and a must watch.

Fayose accused President Muhammadu Buhari of coming to office with a “vendetta”. As a result, the country has not “moved forward economically”, adding that the federal government has been “more propaganda than reality”.

The governor commended the efforts of the Buhari administration in terms of security (presumably in the fight with Boko Haram), but said security was not everything and “life was intolerable for Nigerians”.

According to Fayose, Nigerians were “experiencing letter for letter the antecedents of 1984” – in reference to the economic hardships of Buhari’s reign as a military dictator.

Responding to the claim that Nigeria was suffering the consequences of 16 years of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rule, Fayose pointed out that “most of them were part of that 16 years”. Those that were part of the PDP included former president Olusegun Obasanjo, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and so on.

Rather than continue apportioning blame, Fayose said: “I would resign if I were Buhari. He has disappointed us. Nigerians want food on their table”. He alleged that Buhari was budgeting 2bn naira ($6.3m) on “entertainment” at Aso Rock.

Fayose dismissed the military takeover of Sambisa Forest from Boko Haram with “enough of the propaganda”.

He was more in his element when he was on the attack against Buhari, but struggled to defend his record of owing salaries in his state. He claimed he was a “pacesetter” with “stomach infrastructure” – inducing voters with foodstuff. Fayose claimed his state, with the exception of Lagos, “owed the least in southwest Nigeria” and “Ekiti is not doing bad at all”. But he could not deny that state employees were owed salary arrears.

But when it came to attacking Buhari, Fayose stayed true to form. Buhari “was not fighting corruption, but fighting his political foes”. The Buhari plan was summed up as: “Make Nigerians poor so 1,000 naira will be like 1m naira” in terms of buying their votes in 2019.

Fayose claimed “I’m a man that God has given the opportunity to see tomorrow”. He also alleged that the “system is more corrupt than ever”, with a “paddy paddy government, government of double standard”. He predicted that Nigerians will vote out Buhari in 2019 because “hunger no know party”.

He described the double standards of the Buhari administration as: “I will not be eating jollof rice in my room and telling my people I’m eating corn”.

Some of his predictions for 2017 include the naira dropping to 600 to the dollar, the economy slipping from recession to depression, and a revolution. He didn’t say much about the nature of this “revolution”.

He signed off claiming that anyone that chooses to fight him will be removed from office and “the arrogance of those in office [at federal level] is second to none.”

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