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Archbishop Okoh

Archbishop slams Nigerian federal govt over grazing reserves

The Anglican Archbishop of Abuja and Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Nicholas Okoh has strongly criticised reported plans by the federal government to create grazing reserves for Fulani herdsmen.

Okoh, who was speaking to a Lagos-based news channel, wondered why those involved in the cattle business would not invest in land for their livestock and why the government should be promoting their trade to the exclusion of other businesses.

Watch the cleric’s comments below:

He argued that a cow costs about 200,000 naira ($636) and the owners were profiting without paying tax of VAT.  They should buy their own grazing land, just like other businessmen and women and the idea of cattle owners relying on government funding raises a lot of questions.

Many Nigerians believe that Fulani herdsmen are getting preferential treatment because President Muhammadu Buhari is a Fulani and also owns a lot of cattle.

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