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Oshiomhole and Okorocha: Do what I say not what I do

APC infighting gets ugly: Oshiomhole calls Okorocha a “huge embarrassment”

3 November 2018

Adams Oshiomhole, the All Progressives Congress (APC) chairman, addressed the media yesterday following the submission of the party’s list of governorship candidates to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for the 2019 (s)election.  That list didn’t include governor Rochas Okorocha’s son-in-law Uche Nwosu, chosen by the governor to succeed him.  The APC ticket went to Senator Hope Uzodinma, much to the chagrin of Okorocha, who has tried threats, intimidation, and spent a fortune to ensure Nwosu became the next governor.

Oshiomhole was having none of Okorocha’s trademark bluster and told him where to go.  The former labour union leader and ex-governor of Edo State aimed some carefully-timed punches to Okorocha’s bloated gut and it made for good television.

Watch the proceedings below:

He said his party had no time for “emperors”, suggesting “Emperor” Okorocha had no clothes because ordinary party members of the party had decided they didn’t want a “dynasty” in their state.  In a case of pots and kettles, Oshiomhole called Okorocha an “embarrassment” to the party.  He likened Okorocha to an addict having “withdrawal symptoms” because the way he is used to operating has been taken away from him.  Okorocha thought he could play “godfather” and choose the next governor, while Oshiomhole had a another think – allowing party members to choose the candidate.

Oshiomhole said and did nothing about the “godfatherism” of Bola Tinubu in handpicking the governors of Lagos State since 2007 or how the APC chairman himself anointed his successor after his two terms as governor of Edo State.  He said “change must begin with us and must be reflected in what we do”.  The reality is that the “change” slogan is only reflected in what they say.  The APC chairman said he refused to help Okorocha use the APC to create an Okorocha dynasty in Imo State, with Okorocha as the APC senator and his son-in-law as governor.

Oshiomhole also advised Okorocha that the APC respects the rule of law and respects religious leaders.  He added that “Rochas’ personal battle with the Christian community” in Imo State has nothing to do with the party.  Oshiomhole said the “ordinary man in Imo is entitled to respect, not to talk of leaders of the Christian community”.  He distanced himself from Okorocha’s antagonism towards the Catholic Church, which he said has been a “huge embarrassment to the party but we have tried to manage it”.

As has reported in the past Archbishop Anthony Obinna, the head of the Catholic Church in Owerri, the Imo State capital, has been one of the fiercest critics of Okorocha’s misrule.

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