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Another Buhari blooper: “I visited all 36 states in Abuja”

15 April 2019

A video of President Muhammadu Buhari has emerged on social media with him speaking to a group of Nigerians during a visit to Dubai last week. The president appears in his comments to have granted full independent status to the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja by claiming that, during the (s)election campaign in March, he “visited all 36 states in Abuja”!

Nigeria has 36 states plus the capital at the centrally-located Abuja.

See Buhari make his comments below and the embarrassed reaction of his audience spoke volumes:

Buhari is a serial offender when it comes to bloopers like this, having once referred to German chancellor Angela Merkel as “President Michelle of West Germany”. Some have put down the president’s infamous errors as “senior’s moments”. He is officially 76, but there are claims he is in his mid 80s.

Buhari is as unsure of his age as he is of whether Abuja has states of its own and his record since coming to power in 2015 has been one of being clueless about all the problems facing the country he is meant to lead.

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