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Morayo Adebayo on Channels TV

Amnesty International researcher disgraces Nigerian military spokesman on national TV

Morayo Adebayo, a researcher with Amnesty International was on Channels TV on Wednesday to discuss their report on extrajudicial killings by the Nigerian military. The report and other crimes by the Nigerian security agencies have been published on

Adebayo, was calm, collected and gave a detailed description of how they gather the evidence, reach their conclusions and share the report with the Nigerian authorities for comment before publication.

Watch her interview:

She said: “At least 150 people have been extrajudicially killed by the security agencies in the South East region.”

“Before Amnesty International can put out a report, we would have thoroughly researched it and can throw our weight behind it.”

She added: “Take the case of Biafra agitators who are peaceful protesters. You see videos of protesters circled by the military who are often high handed. The police should be empowered to do more.”

The killings documented by Amnesty International were from the period December 2015 to September/October 2016.

Adebayo asked for the media to help: “We need you the press to join us in calling for independent and impartial investigations and accountability afterwards.” This is a cause we have championed here at

She continued: “In the South East, bodies were dumped in pits. In many situations cause of death was bullet wounds and some form of force.”

“Before we publish any report, we send our key findings to the organisations indicted and we give them the chance to respond to the findings. We also make it clear to them that we intend to publish the reports.”

In an attempt to rebut the claims by Amnesty International, the Nigerian army sent their spokesman Brigadier-General Rabe Abubakar. He turned out to be a spokesman that could barely speak or make sense.

Watch his disgraceful performance:

All Abubakar could say was call Amnesty International’s report “fabrications”. He rambled on about them not saying “well done” when the army did a good job. On one occasion, Abubakar claimed that “we don’t kill” as the Nigerian army was instead intent on protecting Nigerians. Most sensible Nigerians would find it hard relating to that comment.

He was mostly on the defensive, had little evidence to back up his suggestion that Amnesty International was “siding with others” and his blundering approach to the interview seemed to support Adebayo’s claim that the Nigerian military was not suited for dealing with civil disturbances. Abubakar was clearly not suited for the job of critically challenging a detailed and evidence-based report on human right abuses.

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