Monday , 12 April 2021
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Surrender by Idibia?

2Face cancels protests scheduled for Monday

The nationwide protests on Monday against the desperate economic situation in Nigeria, led by singer 2Face Idibia, with rallies planned in Abuja and Lagos, has been cancelled.

In a tired and emotional message posted on Instagram, Idibia claimed it was a “fear of hijack” by other forces and that the point he wanted to make “was not worth the life of any Nigerian”, that made him cancel the event.  He went on tweet that the cancellation was: “Due to security concerns and public safety consideration”.

Watch his statement:

It remains to be seen whether his fellow organisers would carry on the protests without its charismatic leader.  Needless to say that Idibia has disappointed many of his followers by seemingly bowing to threats from the Nigerian police force and others.  One Nigerian on social media claimed that the singer had “chickened out”.

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