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Bobo Chicago checkmated

Bobo Chicago Bola Tinubu, the former Lagos State mobster and APC kingmaker, is having his considerable influence eroded since the (s)elections. Most observers expected him to be calling the shots at national level since Buhahari became president. But as we wrote before the (s)elections, Buhahahari has slowly been isolating Tinubu and his stooge the dimunitive vice president Yemi Osinbajo. Tinubu’s …

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Buhahahari back door military rule

President Buhahahari has relegated Bobo Chicago Bola Tinubu, the former Lagos State governor, mobster and APC kingmaker, to the background. Tinubu handpicked the vice president Yemi Osinbajo, and Buhahari, according to our source, hardly informs his Number Two about his movements. Most of the liaison between the two is now done through the president’s PA. The source claims that Buhahahari’s …

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The lie-ability in the Buhahari declaration of assets

Nigeria’s new president and vice president declared their assets a few days ago. The opposition PDP attacked this “secret” declaration and this was echoed by many other commentators. As typical with many Nigerians, a lot of hot air was wasted on whether the assets declaration should be made public or not. The Nigerian Constitution in the Fifth Schedule, Part 1 …

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Tinubu is very angry with Buhahari and plotting against him

Bobo Chicago Bola Tinubu is said to be very mad at the way he is being treated by president-elect Buhahahari. Tinubu, who was one of the main financiers of the Buhahari campaign, has slowly been marginalised by the incoming administration. The former Lagos State governor thought he would decide who should be in the transition committe, but Buhahari only allowed …

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Vice President-elect Yemi Osinbajo exposes his ignorance

Yemi Osinbajo was asked, in what looked like a “townhall meeting”, about the “denationalisation of religion”, in terms of using government funds to sponsor pilgrimages. Watch the video here: The man was right about the unconstitutionality of insisting only indigenes should contest for political positions (the second part of the question). But he dropped the ball on the issue of …

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What difference did Yemi Osinbajo make in this (s)election?

Several commentators are crediting the vice president-elect Yemi Osinbajo with playing a key role in Buhahari’s victory in the presidential (s)elections. They claim Osinbajo being a pastor was crucial in assuring Christians that Buhahari was not a Muslim fundamentalist. Others claim that the Redeemed Church where Osinbajo is a minister was an important voting bloc. Some claim that Osinbajo coming …

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