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Retired colonel and “security expert” advocates war crimes in the Niger Delta

Retired Col Hassan Stan-Labo, a regular on the Lagos-based Channels TV as a “security expert”, today openly advocated the committing of war crimes against civilians in the Niger Delta. Stan-Labo said that “Obasanjo’s leveling of Odi should take place if the communities” in the Niger Delta, where hostilities have kicked off again with the blowing up of oil pipelines, “do …

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Investigating clashes between Nigeria’s Shia and the army

Eyewitnesses have told the BBC that the Nigerian army has killed dozens of members of a Shia organisation during a military crackdown last month – something the army denies. The BBC’s Nigeria correspondent Martin Patience travelled to their headquarters in Zaria to investigate. Driving through some of the city’s quiet streets, it was hard to imagine that just a month …

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At least 300 Shia Muslims killed by Nigerian Army – Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch has called for an independent inquiry into the “unjustified” attack on Shia Muslims by the Nigerian military in Zaria from December 12 – 14 this year. Their report, which is reproduced below is based on witness accounts. DECEMBER 22, 2015 Nigeria: Army Attack on Shia Unjustified Independent, Impartial Probes Essential (Abuja) – The killing of hundreds of …

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Nigerian army allegedly buried Shia victims to hide massacre

The controversy over the alleged massacre of Shia Muslims by Nigerian soldiers in Zaria last weekend continues to boil over. Predominantly Shia Iran has already asked for the incident to be thoroughly investigated by Nigeria and families compensated. This Associated Press report reveals that victims may have been buried. Shiites: Nigerian army buries victims to hide massacre toll By MICHELLE …

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What really happened in the Shia clash with the Nigerian army?

There are conflicting accounts over the clash between the Nigerian army and members of the Shia sect in Zaria on Saturday December 12, with some reports claiming up to 60 people were killed. This report by SBMorgen sheds more light on the fog of controversy. An Error Repeated? The Shi’a/Military Clashes On Saturday December 12, 2015 Nigeria’s social media lit …

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