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Nigeria looks back on 20 years of Sharia law in the north

28 October 2019 Two decades ago, several Nigerian states introduced Islamic legal systems. Some see the move as having brought benefits, but others are disappointed and critical about the results. On October 27, 1999, the then-governor of Nigeria’s Zamfara State, Ahmed Sani Yerima, introduced Sharia law. Eleven other states in northern Nigeria with majority Muslim populations, including those of Kano …

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The trade war between Nigeria and Benin

10 October 2019 A trade war has flared up between Nigeria and neighbouring Benin. It’s about personal interests of the powerful Trade wars are currently in vogue. The most prominent – and most dangerous for the world economy – is undoubtedly between the US and China. But there are more and more protectionist countries, while neighbours are increasingly at odds …

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Charles Soludo’s solution-free Independence Day speech

2 October 2019 It was Nigeria’ Independence Day yesterday and I woke up this morning thinking I should write about President Muhammadu Buhari’s address to the nation.  But then thought to myself that many Nigerians have had enough of the president’s monotonous incompetence.  The more Buhari’s incapacity to govern Nigeria manifests itself, the more many Nigerians look longingly towards the …

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Can Siemens save Nigeria’s chaotic power sector?

23 July 2019 The Nigerian government has agreed to a deal with the German energy company in an attempt to fix the country’s unreliable electricity grid. It is rather curious that a presumed democratic government would sign a deal with a foreign company without any transparency in terms of the costs to the public purse. This report from German public …

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Letter-writer Obasanjo didn’t like the same treatment from Chinua Achebe

16 July 2019 Hypocritical former president Olusegun Obasanjo wrote yesterday to President Muhammadu Buhari complaining about all manner of ills plaguing Nigeria from insecurity to unemployment to incompetence. He wrote a similar letter in January last year. Obasanjo would like Nigerians to ignore the role he played in Buhari winning the (s)election in 2015. That role included presenting Buhari as …

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