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Nigeria’s nightlife dwindles amid coronavirus restrictions

29 May 2020 Sensei Uche has earned a living for the last three years as a “hype man” in Nigeria’s entertainment capital Lagos, standing alongside the DJ in bars and clubs and whipping up dancers’ enthusiasm. But the coronavirus pandemic has cut off his livelihood. Nigeria’s government, like others across the globe, has shut bars, nightclubs and restaurants since late …

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‘There’s a growing dictatorship of disinformation in Nigeria’

28 May 2020 The coronavirus lockdown in Nigeria has let the genie out of the bottle, writer Richard Ali says. The ensuing rise in ethnic populism in the digital space has to be confronted by journalists and artists alike. Forced to provide large-scale social services for the first time, our government has clearly failed us in this pandemic. The coronavirus …

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Sports pages in Nigeria’s postcolonial press reveal political unity and discord

26 May 2020 The sports pages of newspapers provide a unique insight into political conflicts and solidarities. Schler and Dubinsky examine the coverage of Nigeria’s national football team in the postcolonial press and find both aspirations for unity and an outlet for political discord. Sports are more than leisure and entertainment. They are also rallying points for communal identities. Football in …

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Nigeria was once an indisputable leader in Africa: what happened?

24 May 2020 The traditional leadership and redeemer posture of Nigeria in Africa has, in recent years, been put into question. Issues like corruption and infrastructural decay have held the country down from playing a leadership role in Africa. As have transitions from one poor leadership to another. A visionary leadership is lacking while public institutions are weak, inept and compromised. Decades of political patronage …

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