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Lagos has a water and sanitation crisis: what the state and city can do

13 September 2021 The population of Lagos is growing ten times faster than that of New York and Los Angeles. Nigeria’s most densely populated city has almost 25 million people and is adding about 600,000 every year. As with many cities in developing countries, many residents lack an adequate water supply and sanitation: both fundamental human rights essential for the health of all people. Water and sanitation were at …

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Nigerian police beat, arrest protesters at site of Lekki shooting

13 February 2021 Activists called for protests after reopening of Lekki toll gate where security forces shot at demonstrators in October. Nigerian police beat and arrested demonstrators on Saturday as a small group protested over the reopening of the site where activists denouncing police brutality were shot last year in the commercial capital, Lagos. Rights group Amnesty International and witnesses …

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#EndSARS: The use of Nigerian soldiers in civil unrest

9 November 2020 The shooting of #EndSARS protesters by Nigerian soldiers has brought to the fore again the controversial issue of soldiers being used to quell civil protests. Wale Fatade, from The Conversation Africa, asked Kester Onor how Nigeria could resolve this conundrum. What do you make of the recent shooting of protesters by Nigerian soldiers? Peaceful protesters were shot by men in military …

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Nigeria’s #EndSARS protest: De-escalate tensions, start deep police reform

28 October 2020 What began as an orderly demonstration against an abusive police squad has become a national crisis in Nigeria. To lower the temperature, the government needs to move quickly to investigate wrongdoing by security agencies, give victims the justice they deserve and initiate far-reaching police reforms.  Unprecedented protests against police brutality have spun into deadly clashes in several …

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Livestreaming Lekki: digital evidence of #EndSARS shooting in Nigeria makes impunity much harder

26 October 2020 Nigeria continues to convulse in angry protests over allegations that at least 12 people were killed by security forces at a toll gate in Lagos on October 20. They were taking part in the EndSARS protests against Nigeria’s notoriously violent Special Anti-Robbery Squad. Countless videos of the Lekki massacre have been uploaded online. More than 100,000 people witnessed the slow, agonising death of …

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Nigeria special police unit reined in after abuse allegations

5 October 2020 Move comes after accusations the Special Anti-Robbery Squad was involved in unlawful arrests and torture. Nigeria’s top police chief has banned a controversial anti-robbery unit and other special agents from carrying out stop-and-search operations and mounting roadblocks over accusations of abuses. Muhammed Adamu, inspector general of police (IGP) said in a statement on Sunday the Federal Special …

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