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How Boko Haram has evolved over the past ten years

13 November 2019 Last month marked ten years since Mohammed Yusuf, founder of Boko Haram, died in police detention. His death led to the radicalisation of the sect and a declaration of Jihad against the Nigerian state. In an earlier paper on the sect I argued that before 2009, its operations were more or less peaceful, but that it was radicalised in 2009 after a confrontation …

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Nigerian officials ponder next move in $9bn energy scandal

4 September 2019 As war of words continues over potential loss of assets, mixed messages of negotiation and scam emanate from government Nigeria’s top government officials have met to discuss their next move in the $9bn (£7.4bn) energy scandal that is poised to cost their economy dear. As they exited Monday’s high-level meeting, chaired by vice-president Yemi Osinbajo, the participants …

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Why Buhari’s long-awaited cabinet leaves a lot to be desired

15 August 2019 It took President Muhammadu Buhari 54 days after his second term began to send a list of ministerial nominees to the Nigerian Senate for screening. This is a better record than his first term, which began in May 2015. Then Nigerians had to wait six months before the list of ministerial portfolios and offices was announced. This time around …

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Boko Haram — no end in sight

2 August 2019 Ten years ago, the radical Boko Haram sect became a terror organisation and embarked on a trail of murder and mayhem that continues today. The Nigerian government has learnt little from past mistakes, says Thomas Mösch. In July 2009, northeastern Nigeria experienced what appeared to be an uprising that could be put down with tried and trusted …

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Nigeria: The politicised herders and farmers conflict

17 July 2019 Special grazing zones and settlements for pastoralist Fulani groups were supposed to be the answer to the heated farmers and herders conflict. It has instead become a highly politicised debate. It appeared to be a done deal. Nigeria’s government under President Muhammadu Buhari had announced that they would be introducing the so-called Ruga settlements –  a Hausa …

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