Tuesday , 25 February 2020
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Nigeria: Herding for disaster

Every once in a while, a combination of events is served up to demonstrate how dysfunctional the Nigerian state is. On Tuesday 23 February dozens of gunmen, suspected to be Fulani herdsmen, invaded several towns in Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State and reportedly massacred up to 300 people. The federal government carried on like nothing happened as President …

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Buhari, Fulani herdsmen and dereliction of duty

Two incidents in Nigeria involving deaths summed up President Muhammadu Buhari’s gross dereliction of duty. Armed Fulani herdsmen killed 15 farmers yesterday in Udeni Ruwa district, Nasarawa Local Government Area of Nararawa state. And Abdul Atta, a retired permanent secretary in the old Northern Region from nearby Kogi State died. Buhari sent his condolences on Atta’s death and had nothing …

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Is climate change fuelling the Fulani herdsmen crisis?

President Muhammadu Buhari has ignored the clashes between Fulani herdsmen and farmers across Nigeria that have led to an estimated over 2000 deaths this year alone. Buhari has been in Paris for the past couple of days on a climate change conference, but has been reticent about its deadly effects in Nigeria. We hope that now that the foreign media …

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