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With a song in his honour, Dino Melaye sinks to Top of the Flops

Kach, aka Uche Kachikwu, the son of oil minister Ibe Kachikwu, has released a song about “balling” with a cameo appearance from controversial Kogi West senator Dino Melaye. The obscene display of wealth in the song’s video, with dollars “raining”, flash cars and even more expensive homes, is unlikely to go down well in Melaye’s constituency, where many state employees are …

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Yahaya Bello the yahoo governor of Kogi resorts to tyranny

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has banned all trade union activities in state-owned higher education institutions in his state.  This follows strike action by staff due to being owed back pay for several months. Rather than pay them, the governor has resorted to acting like a military dictator.  Bello is close to former military dictator and current president Muhammadu …

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Pots & kettles: Comical Lai Mohammed calls Dino Melaye a clown

This is beyond parody.  Nigeria’s propaganda minister Lai Mohammed called Senator Dino Melaye, both of whom belong to a party that came to power on a tissue of fanciful lies, a “clown” on Twitter this morning. Melaye’s clowning credentials are not in dispute.  But surely, Lai Mohammed would give him a run for his money on the court-jester stakes.  A …

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