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Atiku atikulating nonsense at Chatham House

Former vice president and perennial presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar was at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London on Wednesday, hoping to burnish his reputation as the capable hands Nigeria needs at the helm in these unstable times.  But instead of looking like a stand-up leader, he fell flat on his face. Atiku, who was VP from 1999-2007 …

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Many prominent Nigerians are not fans of democracy

Many Nigerians in the public eye don’t like democracy. They don’t know that part of democracy is the right to tell people stuff they may be uncomfortable with.  George Orwell  said that: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” Some of  President Muhammadu Buhari’s biggest critics are just …

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Muhammadu Buhari gears up for a second presidential term

Another run for Baba Go Slow? The mantle of power is so heavy in Nigeria that presidential candidates must be begged to run for office, or at least give that appearance. There was no serious doubt that the current president, Muhammadu Buhari, would run in 2015; that was his fourth attempt to win through the ballot box. Yet even he …

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Nigeria’s Buhari re-election movement gathers pace for 2019

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s supporters got a boost on Wednesday when a key ally of the elderly leader announced he would head a group campaigning for him to seek re-election next year. Buhari, 75, has not publicly said whether he will take part in the February 2019 election. Political insiders have privately questioned Buhari’s willingness, or ability, to keep the …

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