Thursday , 4 June 2020
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One small step for Ikpeazu, a huge leap for Naija

The new governor of Abia State Okezie Ikpeazu has instructed that the title “His Excellency” be removed from all communication with him in an official and unofficial capacity. This may seem a small, sensible and humble thing to do, but considering the importance Naijas attach to titles, positions and the sycophancy that comes with it, it could be a significant …

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Foul wind in Abia State

Chinedum Orji, the son of Abia State governor Theodore “Ochendo” Orji, likes to be known as “Ikuku” (wind). Orji senior, after misruling the state for eight years, is heading for the senate, and has just ensured (allegedly with massive rigging) that his puppet Okezie Ikpeazu replaces him as governor. The younger Orji has also been (s)elected to the Abia State …

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