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Sunday Oliseh explains his Dutch court case with former employer Fortuna Sittard

What the Court Judgement Against Fortuna Sittard Really Means!

Many have asked me via social media and e-mails, what the KNVB court of Arbitration decision in my favour against Fortuna Sittard really fully means to me. To my understanding here it is:

To start with, it is important to know why we took Mr. Isitan Gun and Fortuna Sittard to court.

The court case was not aimed at passing judgement if Mr. Isitan Gun did illegal activities or not, that is not for this court (the KNVB Arbitrations court) to judge. The Dutch tax office and the KNVB’s integrity committee will eventually investigate, deliberate and if need be, give out sanctions to Mr. Isitan Gun in the near future.

We simply stated the fact that all the false accusations by Mr Gun, to put my Assistant coaches and myself on suspension were all borne from the fact that we, based on principles and for obvious legal reasons, refused to participate in “Shady” activities proposed by My Isitan Gun and his Group in running the club of Fortuna!

As was clearly stated by the final verdict, the court did not find Oliseh Sunday to have acted as a bad employee! On the contrary it found My Isitan Gun’s Fortuna management, Guilty of not being good employers to me!

The case was all about getting Fortuna Sittard to pay me my due financial compensation for my “still” running coaching contract. This we achieved to a large extent!

In Europe, when a club wants to part ways from its coach who is still under contract, they sit together and reach a settled financial agreement or otherwise. Mr Gun obviously was trying to “Rob” me of my entitlements after separation. That was why he was sanctioned in my favour by the KNVB Court!

Secondly, the court in no way agreed with My Gun’s false ascertions after the verdict, as regards my return as coach to Fortuna sittard,but as clearly stated in the judgment,it is obvious that due to the huge public attention that Mr. Isitan Gun provoked by my suspension whilst being 1st on the table, it was no longer fruitful to return fully to work, like before .

Of course, we the coaches,would have loved to finish our work and be crowned Champions against all odds, which is why my lawyers argued for our full reinstatement in spite of Mr. Gun’s behavior.

By virtue of the Court annulling the suspension of Fortuna Sittard on myself and asking me to continue being under Fortuna’s pay roll till May, I am still officially the Chief Coach of Fortuna Sittard till May 2018!

Mr. Isitan Gun and Fortuna Sittard are therefore sanctioned by the court to pay me a lump sum to compensate me for the case and obviously for my contract that still runs till June 2019!

Fortuna Sittard owner Isitan Gun

Accusations from Mr. Gun and his “Gang” were thrown out the window not only because they were false, did not make sense but mostly because it dated way back as over a year ago! Hence the now historic question by one of the Judges to Mr. Isitan Gun that is still yet unanswered, “If the accusations you levy against Mr. Oliseh Sunday Is true, why then did you give him a new 2 years contract in may 2017 with better conditions?”

How could you suspend a coach for crimes he supposedly committed in 2016/2017 season in February 2018? When he is heading towards being crowned champion, having taking the club from 19th position in January 2017 to 1st position in January 2018?

No Well meaning club president or club in Europe ever treats a successful coach in this way, unless the coach does something scandalous which is far from the case here.

To be suspended because my Assistant coaches and I, lead the players, amongst others to refuse “Black money” Payments is about the most shameful, horrible, ungrateful and disrespectful thing any club President can do to its loyal and successful serving coach. This is Europe for Christ’s sake!

When a coach sets all these records (please click here to see all our achievements with Sittard as coach) He deserves respect, obviously that is Alien to Mr. Gun. Otherwise how else would he give more credit to people who are handling a team now for just 2 months since our suspension and disreputing Coaches who have handled the team for eight months in the season 2017/2018 and fetched 42 points (70%) of the total points Fortuna has so far. Outright Ungratefulness!

I have intentionally made little utterances as regards this case till now because I found it unnecessary, due to the fact that the truth always comes out eventually and it has finally done so here.

Unfortunately some of us make wrong judgements before hearing both sides of a story or knowing the truth,let’s strive to be less judgemental and appreciate hard work and honesty,it Pays at the end of the day!

For Obvious reasons I am praying that my players and the caretaker coaches in charge now finish the phenomenal work we started and make Fortuna Champions!

One major lesson learnt though,is that no matter what, it pays to be honest, hardworking, professional, hungry and above all God fearing!

Stay blessed…

This was first published by Sunday Oliseh TV.

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