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Alex Iwobi in Nigeria's World Cup shirt

Nigeria’s World Cup shirt makes $255m for Nike so far

Nigeria – Super Eagles set pulses soaring.

Nigeria’s kit has caused shockwaves in the footballing world. Kit manufacturer Nike has received a staggering 3 million orders for the shirts before they have even hit the shops, generating an incredible $255 million in profits for the company so far.

And it’s easy to see why. One of the few teams in world football to play in green, Nike has altered the traditional emerald shirt colour to a cool, almost tropical shade, filtered with white, all arranged in a collage of mini chevrons.

Football pop culture and fashion Mundial magazine called the kit: ​”An exciting step forward for team apparel. It’s sportswear. It’s made with that audience in mind, ​properly understanding what it is that people who love kits outside of just team association like about them. The colours, the shapes, the pattern: all of it is sharp as f***.”

Who can argue with such words?

This piece first appeared in Russia Today.



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