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What a wicked disgrace Wike is to Rivers State and Nigeria

Whenever you think a Nigerian ruler can’t sink any further in their depths of depravity, they continue to show that there is no limit to how low they can go.  After the international embarrassment of President Muhammadu Buhari spending 103 days receiving treatment in a foreign country, Governor Nyesom Wike decided to demonstrate a poor understanding of the concept of “sovereignty” when he hosted the Australian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Lehmann, at Government House, Port Harcourt today.

Wike, who always acts like he has a few screws loose, decided that the visit of the High Commissioner was the appropriate time and place to air his grievances about alleged (s)election rigging by his opponents in the All Progressives Congress (APC): “We are happy that we have been vindicated. INEC [Independent National Electoral Commission] inprinted their own result sheets with their serial numbers. These other people went and printed result sheets with the same serial numbers. The issue is how did they know the serial numbers? When the election took place, INEC declared PDP as winner. INEC now colluded with the Police and police now came to the tribunal and tendered the concocted results they printed.”

High Commissioner Lehmann (right) and colleagues look on as Wike embarrasses himself, his state and country

The governor continued: “Having known this, are we going to fold our arms and allow the same thing to happen again now that we have discovered that this is their new strategy. That they will collude with the police to write results and they will go the tribunal to tender such results. We will resist”.

Just yesterday, Andrew Uchendu, declared Senator-elect for Rivers East for the APC after the Appeal Court upheld Uchendu’s victory against George Sekibo of Wike’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), had advised Wike to stop “crying like a baby”:  “How can Governor Wike, a lawyer by training, accuse INEC and the police of partnering with political actors to rig election in Rivers State, without adducing credible facts to support his bogus claims? Is the media the rightful place to seek redress for perceived wrongs? It is very unfortunate that a man who controls the saddle of governance, can descend to such an abysmal level of crass irresponsibility in the public space.”

Today Wike descended even further, “crying” to the Australian High Commissioner as the diplomat and his colleagues cringed with embarrassment.

What exactly did Wike think the Australian could do about his complaint?  What was the governor hoping to achieve? Australia has no business interfering in Nigeria’s internal affairs.  Wike should know that any evidence of wrongdoing he has should be saved for the Supreme Court.

If he is capable of thinking straight, he should be aware that countries like Australia would do nothing to harm their business interests with the federal government.  So all he was doing amounted to “demonstrating his craze” in front of a foreign audience.

Being a diplomat, Lehmann kept his thoughts to himself, but he would have been briefed about Wike before they met.  Therefore the Australian official would have known that he was not meeting an innocent party in the criminal enterprise and gangsterism that passes for politics in the state known as “Rivers of Blood”.  Wike is just as guilty of the violence, thuggery, rigging and fraud that he accuses the opposition of.  But he has now added squealing to foreign countries and undermining Nigeria’s sovereignty to the long rap sheet of shame.

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