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Henry Baro

The invasion of Delta Mall, Warri

This is an unedited eyewitness account of lawlessness by a suspended Local Government Chairman, Henry Baro, in Delta State.

He has denied involvement in the crime but he was captured on video.

Watch it here:

He is wearing a white polo neck shirt and black trousers.

Delta Mall was invaded by hoodlums summoned by Mr. Henry Baro, a suspended Uvwie Local Government Chairman at about 10:30am on the 8th of January 2016. The unfortunate incident which was totally unrelated to Delta Mall started at a guard post manned by men of the Nigerian Navy outside the mall’s premises.

A driver of truck which had an accident which involved Mr. Baro’s car was being beat up by Mr. Baro and his thugs very close to the guard post. Naturally, the navy guards who were in mufti identified themselves as Naval Officers attached to the mall and tried to stop the thugs from beating the truck driver to death when Mr. Baro started shouting at them asking if they didn’t know who he was. There was a brief altercation between both sides until one of the naval officers went into the guard house and came out with his rifle. On seeing this, Baro and his men fled to the nearby motor park while the naval officers impounded the said vehicles.

Damage done by the thugs
Damage done by the thugs

In a few minutes, Baro returned with hoodlums and invaded the mall’s premises. They were stopped at the entrance of the mall by Mobile Policemen and Naval Officers at the front entrance of the mall until Baro, now emboldened by the presence of the growing mob of hoodlums forced his way into the mall. The Center Manager of the mall pleaded with Baro to calm down so that whatever the issue was could be resolved amicably but he refused and order his thugs inside the mall who rushed into the mall vandalizing and wrecking everything in sight.

More damage at the Mall
More damage at the Mall

At other areas of the mall, the hoodlums beat up and robbed innocent shoppers and tenants alike.

Criminal damage at Delta Mall
Criminal damage at Delta Mall

The camera footage shows Mr. Baro who is wearing a white RL polo shirt and black jeans at the staff car park ordering his hoodlums to smash the cars parked there. There are others showing Mr. Baro inside the mall surrounded by hoodlums and a lady who is a shop owner in the mall pleading with him. See also a picture of Baro surrounded by his thugs and being appealed to by the Mobile Policemen.

This counteracts Mr. Baro’s statement to Sahara Reporters that he has never stepped inside the Mall since its commissioning on the 27th of May 2015 by the then governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan. See a picture below of Baro surrounded by his thugs as well as pictures of damage caused by the rampaging hoodlums.

Baro (in white shirt) and thugs rampage at the mall
Baro and thugs rampage at the mall
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