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Martha and Kate Osamor

Some facts about Kate Osamor, British MP

Kate Osamor, the 47 year old MP for Edmonton in North London, was elected to the UK Parliament in May. She was born in Tottenham and her mother is Nigerian-born activist Martha Osamor.

The current edition of Private Eye magazine provided this lowdown on Kate and Martha.

In 1989, Martha Osamor won the most local nominations to be Labour’s candidate in the Vauxhall by-election. But leader Neil Kinnock announced that he was excluding her “in the best interests of the whole party”.

Kinnock thought she was a “loony lefty” of the type that needed purging instead. Vauxhall got the right-wing fox-hunting supporter Kate Hoey as its Labour MP.

In May, Martha’s trade union activist daughter Kate Osamor was elected MP for Edmonton. A director of Corbynista group “Momentum”, last week she was appointed as the leader’s Parliamentary Private Secretary.

If you are not familiar with British politics, “Corbynistas” are followers of the new (or some would say, old) Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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