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Gava Cab set to revolutionise public transport, create jobs in Enugu, southeast Nigeria

6 August 2019

Gava Ideology

Gava Cab was born out of necessity that could not be better timed. If you have been to Enugu (and indeed other Eastern Nigeria cities) recently, you will immediately understand the vacuum Gava Cab has come to fill and this vacuum is very real if you ask Enugu residents. This is a city that was voted one of the 100 Most Resilient Cities in the world in 2017, fast-forward to 2019, it even holds an excellent promise for the future. A beautiful and sprawling city that was the capital of the old Eastern Region of Nigeria.

Enugu, one of the most livable cities in Nigeria

Enugu, nicknamed “Coal City”, was also the capital of Biafra that was short lived in the committee of nations but forever lives in the minds of the proud residents of Coal city also code named 042! The city continues to be seen as the headquarters of Igboland and boasts of a strong middle and upper class, with very good road networks and clean air. There are very many beautiful, classy, cool and exhilarating hotels, malls, nightclubs, eateries, joints and all kinds of fun-filled sites, and more are springing up daily.

This city deserves way better than the popular tricycle taxis, known as keke, which have become infamous for ghastly motor accidents and other road hazards. Without air-conditioning or good cover from rain, these tricycles now form the staple means of transport in a city where the middle classes and visitors alike have no choice riding them. The conventional yellow taxis that donned the city in the 1980s-90s are now extinct, giving way to the tricycles.

Keke is te main form of public transport

Into this public transportation vacuum steps in Gava Cab, owned by young professionals, who grew up in Enugu, migrated to the USA, and came back to the city they love, with their self-styled pink/purple-logo on-demand cab service, which they have sworn to make the pride of Enugu.

The city is the headquarters of Gava Cab Logistics Ltd, the parent company of Gava Cab (and Gava Driver). The owners affirmed that they have other exciting add-ons to the cab service that will put Enugu not only back on the 100 Most Resilient Cities, but also on the 100 Most Exciting Cities in the world. They are committed to making Gava Cab a household name in the city, to create a lifestyle more soothing for the refined tastes of Enugu ladies and gentlemen, old and young, who will soon admit a status symbol role by riding around Gava Cabs in style. The cabs are very clean, fully air conditioned, four-door cars that will come on demand from the pink/purple app combinations that are extremely quick to download, responsive and affordable.

Fares are surprisingly not far from what a keke will charge for the same distance, considering all the safety, comfort, reliability and efficiency that Gava Cab provides.

Gava Cab is the impressive way to get around Enugu and other cities soon to be announced, wherever your destination may be in the city, without hassle or paying exorbitant prices. You simply download the app, register and tap to initiate the ride, these take about three to five minutes. There are incentives built into using your ATM/Debit card for payment at the app. As you initiate the ride, the Gava Cab (Rider) App already knows your location, just tap to put your destination and tap to request the ride, a community based and friendly driver will arrive in minutes to come and take you on a smooth, safe and quick ride to your destination.

Gava Concept

Safety, Comfort, Reliability and Efficiency.

Gava Drivers

Gava Drivers are very friendly and seasoned drivers living in the community. They know the city and its neighbourhoods. They are trained and retrained continuously on the Gava concept of safety, comfort, reliability and efficiency. They undergo security background checks and provide three recommendations from community-based professionals that they call to vouch for the drivers. Their vehicles undergo safety and reliability inspections twice a year. These will ensure the safety of the riders and the drivers. Drivers can rate the riders after each ride.

Gava Cab App (Pink)

The rider app is very quick and responsive and in a couple of taps gets a driver to you in just a few minutes. The cars are clean, and the drivers are nice and friendly. You even get the opportunity of seeing his/her face even before the cab arrives. You also see the cab’s location in real time and can direct him/her to exactly where you are, all within the app!

Gava Driver App (Purple)

Gava Driver enables cab owners/driver to be their own bosses, they drive and smile to the bank. Signing on to make lots of money driving your own vehicle is just three easy and quick steps away: i) Download the Gava Driver App, ii) Register, iii) Slide to go online, and here come the riders. Gava Driver is poised to create over 2,000 direct and indirect jobs in Enugu city, this will help reduce the unemployment rate on the city and create jobs for the youths.

Gava Ride

Rides in Gava Cab are very affordable and stays within your Budget or allows you to experience Luxury. The mini-van is also available. Car-pooling is easy with riders paying only fractions of the total cost. The Flash is for students and others seeking even cheaper rides and who won’t mind sharing in the car-pool to pay even lower fares. You can also rent Gava Cab for an hour, a day or even weeks. Intercity Rides are also in the horizon. You will see their low prices before you request a ride. Get on a ride in three quick easy steps, a) Download Gava Cab App, b) Register, c) Tap to get going. It’s that simple and easy. Riders are encouraged to rate the drivers and the ride after each ride. It’s also OK to tip the drivers.

Gava Safety Tips

•Know your driver as much as you can, treat them nicely and courteously.

•Have your Emergency Contacts filled out when you register, in case of emergency.

•Confirm your cab (make/colour/plate number) and driver, place a call to the driver if necessary.

•Report any suspicious behaviour to Gava Cab or call the Security hotline in your city.

•Relax and enjoy your ride, you will get there safe, sound and quick.

Enugu is known for its proud, cool, classy and sharp people. Gava Cab wants to elevate these lifestyle attributes even more! Both Gava Cab and Gava Driver are on Android Play Store and iPhone App Store. Download Gava Cab today and Ride, Download Gava Driver today and Drive. Let Enugu City take its rightful place in the 100 Most Exciting Cities in the world!

More information on how Gava Cab works and how to use the app is available below.

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