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A market in Nigeria

Food prices rise in Lagos

Households in the Lagos metropolis may have paid more to prepare a meal in January 2016, than other key Nigerian cities, as prices for food commodities climbed higher says SB Morgen, a Lagos based research firm.

According to the report, “tomatoes, one of the most common perishable commodities in Nigeria, sold in Lagos at an average price of 679.50 naira ($3.41) for a paint container (6 litres; 2 kilograms) over the past six months compared to 540 naira in the first half of 2015 and 500 naira in Quarter 4 2014 representing an average increase of 26%”.

SB Morgen said it worked closely with traders and housewives across nine markets in six cities in Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Awka, Ibadan, Kano and Onitsha, to gather the data contained for the study.

Comparative prices for tomatoes in other Nigerian cities were as followed:

Abuja – Wuse market – 425 naira; Nyanya market – 300 naira
Onitsha – Onitsha market 325 naira
Lagos – Trade Fair market – 692 naira; Balogun mark est – 667 naira
Ibadan Dugbe market – 300 naira; Bodija market – 300 naira
Kano – Sabon Gari market – 140 naira
Perishable food items like tomatoes, pepper, yams had stable average prices over the period of this survey, except for slight fluctuations in Bodija and Dugbe, both in Ibadan, where the cost of vegetables and poultry rose by an average of 6%.

Most traders in the Ibadan area who responded to the survey reported that they source their produce in and around Dugbe, and that the rise in costs may not be unconnected to the increasing preference of people in the area to do their shopping at the Shoprite mall.

Read the full report here.

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