Monday , 20 January 2020
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Bu-Harsh-ri, are you for real?

APC presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari  candidate said in an interview yesterday with CNN that it would be harsh to judge him against his record as a military ruler. The same Buhahari claimed in an interview on Al Jazeera that his record as head of state, governor, and head of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) is what makes him ready for the challenges of …

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Daura, we have a problem!

My dear people of Daura, Your most famous son Muhammadu Buhari, who seems to have convinced himself that he is fit to be president of Nigeria, is turning into an international embarrassment. Your town elders should watch his Al Jazeera interview. After watching this interview, I summon on the elders of Daura to recall their most famous son.  He should …

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Is this what the APC mean by “change”

Governor Rotimi Amaechi of the APC and Rivers State promised us “change”.  He is seen here trying to cover up the dollars “change” in his jacket pocket. He is known to like to carry around “loose change” for “runs girls”. He was in London last December and kept two presidential suites at the Park Lane Hilton and the Dorchester.  Cristal …

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It is a pity what they did in Ekiti

A tape has been leaked about how PDP big wigs in collaboration with the military fixed the (s)election for governor in Ekiti State last year on behalf of Ayo Fayose.  But this is “news” in the “Pope is Catholic” category.  It is perhaps only of value for people who don’t understand the mechanics of how (s)elections are rigged Follow @naijiant

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