Thursday , 20 February 2020
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Comedian against comedian: Rochas Okorocha v Uche Ogbuagu

Rochas Okorocha, who has just been returned as governor of Imo State, has sued comedian Uche Ogbuagu aka Bad Condition for 10bn Naira (approximately $50.2m) because of an album released during the campaign by Ogbuagu. The comedy album titled “Ka opuo” (roughly translated as “he should get out”) featured Ogbuagu, who in typical fashionn, narrates humourously a litany of excesses …

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Making money from Floyd “Money” Mayweather

LA-based car dealer Obi Okeke aka Dr Bugatti talks about how he caters for Floyd Mayweather’s interest in expensive “whips”. The loud and brash undefeated welterweight champion likes his flash cars, which is in contrast to his safety-first approach in the ring. Watch the video here: Follow @naijiant

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From Madam Due Process to Madam Public Embarrassment

Oby Ezekwesili, one time minister for education and minister for solid minerals under the Obasanjo regime, aka “Madam Due Process”, and lately the frontwoman for the Bring Back Our Girls campaign, went “Head to Head” on Al Jazeera with Mehdi Hasan at the Oxford Union. Boy, it should make painful watching for her “fans”. Ezekwesili, perhaps because she has a …

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Vice President-elect Yemi Osinbajo exposes his ignorance

Yemi Osinbajo was asked, in what looked like a “townhall meeting”, about the “denationalisation of religion”, in terms of using government funds to sponsor pilgrimages. Watch the video here: The man was right about the unconstitutionality of insisting only indigenes should contest for political positions (the second part of the question). But he dropped the ball on the issue of …

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Buhahari refuses to give Goodluck any credit

Buhahari was intereviewed on the BBC after winning the (s)elections. He was asked about Goodluck phoning to concede defeat. And he said it was due to pressure from the “international community, especially Britain” and that Goodluck respects those countries. Watch the video: He went on to say it would take time to fix the destruction from 16 years of PDP …

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