Tuesday , 25 June 2019
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Pastor Sarah Omakwu slams Buhari’s inaction on insecurity in Nigeria

24 June 2019 Pastor Sarah Omakwu of the Family Worship Centre in Abuja delivered a sermon at her church two weeks ago about insecurity in Nigeria that has since gone viral over social media. In the sermon at the megachurch that lasted close to 20 minutes, Omakwu spoke about Nigeria not being an Islamic country, suggesting President Muhammadu Buhari didn’t …

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UK human rights lawyer Samson Akinola accuses Nigeria High Commission officials in London of corruption

20 June 2019 Samson Akinola, activist, human rights lawyer and founder of advocacy group Agents of Change (AOC), seems to be following in the footsteps of the late and legendary Nigerian lawyer and activist, Gani Fawehinmi aka “Senior Advocate for the Masses”. Akinola rose to prominence after a video he made flaying the incompetence of officials at the Nigeria High …

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Nigeria land struggle: Farmers fight over resources

15 June 2019 For centuries, the Fulani people have lived interdependent lives with the farmers but the past 30 years have tested that harmony. Competition for resources between farmers and cattle herders in sub-Saharan Africa is becoming deadlier. Hundreds are killed every year as the two sides fight over land and water amid the worsening shortage of food in the …

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Buhari takes his hypocrisy to the “next level” in NTA “interview”

28 May 2019 President Muhammadu Buhari sat down last night to an “interview” on the government-owned NTA last night. But calling what followed an “interview” would mean rewriting the meaning of that word. It was a cringeworthy exercise in lickspittle obsequiousness from reporter Adamu Sambo, who seemed to be just grateful to have been granted an audience with “his excellency”, …

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Nigeria violence: Widespread attacks by armed gangs

10 May 2019 There is a growing concern in northern Nigeria where violence has increased significantly. More than 100 people have been killed in the past month by armed gangs. What began as a conflict between farmers and cattle herders a decade ago has now turned into regular killings and kidnappings. Al Jazeera’s Ahmed Idris, who went on patrol in …

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Chris Ngige, a little man with stupidity of gigantic proportions

24 April 2019 The minister for labour, Chris Ngige, who is also a doctor, said on national television last night that it was not a problem that Nigeria was losing many doctors, who migrate in search of greener pastures, every year. He said: “No, I am not worried. We have surplus.  If you have surplus, you export. It happened some …

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