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Why “Emperor” Rochas is coming to America with Buhari

President Buhahari will be going to the US for a meeting with President Barack Obama on 19 July.

He will be accompanied by five state governors, including Rochas Okorocha from Imo State.

A source in Owerri has revealed that Okorocha attached himself to the trip so that he could use the opportunity to beg Buhahahari to intervene in his election tribunal case.

Okorocha, according to the source, is afraid that the evidence of his electoral malpractices could see him thrown out of Government House Owerri. He believes he has a better chance of securing the president’s backing if he could talk to the president one-on-one outside the country, without other parties interfering.

From all indications, the president is currently not willing to intervene. This stance has increased Okorocha’s desperation.

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