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Why Akpabio avoided his “international standard” hospital in Uyo

Godswill Akpabio, the former governor of Akwa Ibom State, has kicked up a storm on social media after going to London for treatment following his involvement in a car crash last week.

His action was found shocking by most commentators because he had commissioned a hospital in the state capital Uyo in May. The hospital allegedly cost $150.6m, with another $25.1m was allegedly spent equipping it.

Akpabio recovering in a London hospital
Akpabio recovering in a London hospital

It has now been claimed by Akpabio’s former health commissioner that the medical equipment used for the photographs during the hospital’s commissioning were leased. This begs the question: what happened the $25.1m spent equipping the hospital?

The hospital is allegedly not fit for purpose. It has been suggested that this project was like most of the “Uncommon Transformation” projects of Akpabio. It was just a means to defraud the state.

Akpabio is also said to still be occupying the Governnment House in Uyo and still using the state’s private jet. He used the jet to fly to London for the current hospital visit.

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