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Peterside: Two thumbs up for "vested interests"

Whose revenue is Dakuku Peterside boosting with his NIMASA “transformation”?

Dakuku Peterside, the Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) claimed two days ago that he was transforming the agency to “boost up Nigeria’s revenue base”.

His so-called transformation involved redeploying several senior management of the agency following a recent promotion exercise. But a NIMASA insider told that the claims about boosting Nigeria’s revenue base were “bullshit” and “total fraud”.

According to the source, Peterside “needed to stamp his authority and those changes were part of strategic moves”.

Following the recent mass promotions at the agency, “it was imperative to adjust positions to accommodate the new promotions”. But rather than carry out the changes on the basis of merit and competence, “as usual the exercise was hijacked such that postings became biased depending on the vested interests at stake”.

Those “vested interests” were, according to the source, “criminal, regional and political”. So those on the same page as “vested interests” for the purposes of fraud were posted where they could facilitate the criminal activity. In the same vein, senior staff also got favourable postings due to political and/or regional considerations.

The only positive from the new postings was that most of the new directors are below 55 and the source hoped that this could be “a chance to empower fresh thinking” and “may inject creative ideas to management”.

It remains to be seen whether this would be the case or if it continues to be business as usual at one of Nigeria’s major cash cow agencies.

The changes involved a promotion exercise that saw the elevation of eight Deputy Directors as Directors, 15 Assistant Directors to Deputy Directors while 56 grade level 14 officers were promoted to their next grade of Assistant Directors.

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