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Okorocha v Ihedioha, good luck to the better rigger

Who will rig better in Imo State?

The re-run of the (s)election for governor in 23 Local Goverment Areas (LGAs) of Imo State kicked off today.

Our source “on ground” claimed that Goodluck Jonathan is still helping the PDP candidate and deputy speaker of the House of Representatives Emeka Ihedioha by providing soldiers and policemen to support rigging efforts. His opponent and incumbent Rochas Okorocha is said to have bussed in “militants” from Warri to intimidate voters.

Okorocha also started out today by giving 500 naira to each voter, only to discover that the PDP were sharing out 1,500 naira per voter. The APC then resorted to 1,000 naira per voter in a bid to catch up. The PDP then increased what was on offer to 2,000 naira.

Our source claimed that if the dodgy business was stripped from the (s)election, Okorocha would win, especially among the “common people” in the villages of Imo State. He said what was holding the governor back was belonging to the APC and that his re-election would have been a foregone conclusion if he was still with APGA.

The PDP’s unpopularity was worse in Oru LGA because the senator from the area, Hope Uzodinma, had moved the LGA headquarters from Awo-Mmama to his hometown of Omuma. This upset a lot of people. The source claimed that Uzodinma would have lost his re-election bid if there was a free vote.

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