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Okorocha and Madumere before things fell apart

Who is Eze Madumere, the Imo State deputy governor at war with Governor Rochas Okorocha?

There’s a lot of drama going on in Imo State as governor Rochas Okorocha, who completes his second term next year tries to install his son-in-law Uche Nwosu as his replacement.  This move has put the governor at loggerheads with his deputy Eze Madumere, who also has his eyes on the state’s top job.

Okorocha yesterday engineered an alleged impeachment of his deputy using loyalists in the House of Assembly. This was despite a court order secured by Madumere to halt proceedings.  The governor has since appointed the Head of the state’s civil service as his deputy.  But it has been reported that judges in the state have refused to swear-in the new deputy because they don’t want to be seen to be disobeying a court order.

As all this drama was going down, a source close to Okorocha has informed that Madumere had no business being a deputy governor in the first place.  “This is a man Rochas relocated from the US where he was a barber, made him PA Rochas Group, then Chief of Staff, then Deputy Governor. He felt he had now ‘arrived’ and could challenge his boss, well we have seen how that went.”

The source went further to claim that: “He [Madumere] concealed the fact he was a felon in the US, convicted in the 90s for theft. That alone is an impeachable offence.”  Convicts can hold political office in Nigeria as long as 10 years has passed since they were convicted.  But failing to disclose the conviction could be an impeachable offence.

To placate Madumere in order to pave the way for a Nwosu governorship, the source said: “He [Madumere] was offered [a] Senate [seat], he refused and ganged up with the Governors political enemies.”  Madumere is part of a group of Imo State politicians that have joined forces across party lines to stop Okorocha from installing Nwosu as the next governor.  Their fear is that if they fail, Nwosu will run the state for two terms and then implement Okorocha’s master plan to hand over to Okorocha’s son Ahamefula.

There is a widespread belief that Okorocha wants to keep the running of the state in the family to: (a) Conceal his crimes; (b) Continue the looting spree.  This has led to comedian Uche Ogbuagu branding the governor’s misrule as a “familiocracy”.


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