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Is Goodluck about to bring bad luck to Father Mbaka?

Unconfirmed reports suggesting Father Mbaka has been arrested

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, the Catholic priest based in Enugu, who has become an ardent critic of President Goodluck Jonathan, is rumoured to have been arrested this evening in Enugu.

Mbaka had claimed that the accounts of his Adoration Ministries were frozen by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as a vindictive attempt by the current regime to silence him.

He was invited to Port Harcourt for questioning by the EFCC, but he refused to go.

This could be why he has been arrested, if the unconfirmed reports are true.

Our source in Enugu reported that Mbaka held his “Wednesday e no dey again” programme yesterday.  This is a service he runs every Wednesday in which he claimes whatever problems the people come to him with “no dey again”.  But it looks like his own problems with Goodluck “still dey”.

But the source is unable to confirm if Mbaka has been arrested.

We continue to make enquiries.




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